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Ignite your Business with the BEST.

"You sell on emotion, but you justify a purchase with logic."- Joseph Sugarman

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Hi, I'm Annie Rizwan!

A copywriter.

If you'd talk to my clients they will say "she's a natural copywriter".

But if you see me work... you will see the massive amount of research I put into each and every task of all my clients. I dig the target audience. I Hunt. I go even further...I wear my inquisitive hat and sneak a peak at what the audience is gosspin' about the already existing solution. It literally takes me hours.

Then, when I am satisfied with all the digging, I stretch out my arms and type with FOCUS. I look up words, use appropriate synonyms, and spice the content with power words. Sprinkle in persuasive magic...and Voila!

These are the perfect ingredients to...STRIKE THY COMPETITION!

My speciality includes:
👉 Sales Page
👉 Advertorials
👉 Website Content
👉 Product Descriptions

Don't Think. With me on board, you are guaranteed a worry-free deal.

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Working Together


Shades of Yellow

I worked with Shades of Yellow to write articles on multiple sub-topics of babies, toddlers, and teenage issues. The total number of articles was around 30.

"Annieqm as usual has done an outstanding job. She understands my requirement and delivers to perfection. She comes back when she needs clarification so the output quality if not compromised. I also enjoyed her suggestion for some of the topics so that the overall output was better. Love to keep working with her." -client


Kafi Toys

Kafi Toys is an organization located in Dubai. I wrote product descriptions for this client on Toys. 

"Working with annieqm was wonderful. She is dedicated, committed and focused. She understands the client's requirements very well, provides suggestions and finalizes the requirements as per what client actually needs, instead what he stated earlier. I'm already drafting my next project plan to start working with her again. Based on my experience, I highly recommend her for the content writing, blog posts and SEO friendly articles. Best of luck annieqm, and keep doing the great stuff." -client

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IQ Exam

I wrote website content IQ Exam website. 

"She is good at communication, smooth in work! Recommended! Thank you" - client


Mental Math Ride

I wrote website content for Mental Math Ride. 

"She is the best content writer on Fiverr! I am highly satisfied with the content provided by Annie on my niche in Mental Maths. She is a brilliant and passionate writer. Her writing skills are excellent, and she writes to the points. I gave them 15 articles to write, and I just required revision in 2 pieces and approved the remaining 13 items. Her writing is precise, and the contents are very well researched. Thanks a lot, Annie. Hope to see you again in the next project. " - client


Egyptian Fever

I wrote many product descriptions for Egyptian Fever. I connected each piece of jewellery to its story from the past. 

"Great Work Annie, Thank you !" - client

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